LAM Attorney Araceli Ontiveros-Venegas speaks at College of Marin

Uncover your tenant rights with LAM Staff Attorney Araceli Ontiveros-Venegas.
LAM Staff Attorney Araceli Ontiveros-Venegas has extensive experience empowering tenants on housing matters.

Join LAM Staff Attorney Araceli Ontiveros-Venegas for a special discussion on renter’s rights at College of Marin on Wednesday, November 12.

Ontiveros-Venegas’ discussion, “Renter’s Rights: Uncover Your Rights As a Tenant,” is part of the free “Student Success Speaker Series,” hosted by College of Marin at noon on Wednesdays in the Deedy Lounge of the Student Services building.

“Knowing your rights as a tenant is so important — especially in areas like Marin where there is no rent control,” said Ontiveros-Venegas, who has been empowering tenants on housing matters since joining LAM as a Staff Attorney in 2012. “I’m looking forward to speaking to COM students about their rights, and offering tips they can use to advocate for themselves.”

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