Getting Workers Their Due

Employment Law

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Getting Workers Their Due


Legal Aid Marin’s services include:

  • Minimum wage, overtime, and break enforcement
  • Employment discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Improper payroll deductions

Legal Aid of Marin broke new ground under California Labor Code § 2810, which bans companies from knowingly underfunding janitorial contracts so that subcontractors cannot afford to comply with the law. A landmark statewide class action settlement was reached on behalf of hundreds of underpaid Janitors who cleaned Ross Dress for Less stores in California.

In January 2019, Legal Aid of Marin was awarded a Victims of Crime Act contract from the California Office of Emergency Services. Legal Aid of Marin has expanded and focused its employment law practice on victims of workplace crime, including wage theft, criminal sexual assault, criminal (nonsexual) assault, threats, and intimidation for making wage claims and labor. Legal Aid of Marin provides holistic legal services, by collaborating with community partners, with an emphasis on isolated and underserved low-income communities in San Rafael Canal, Novato, Marin City, and West Marin.

We conduct employment-related interviews at West Marin Community Services, North Marin Community Services, Canal Alliance, and Legal Aid of Marin. To request an appointment, please contact us at 415-492-0230